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How Adjusting My Cat Showed

Me the Power of a Spinal Adjustment


Cat Lady Chronicles

When I first took in my cat, Madalign, she was a small kitten meowing in the rain under my apartment window. After taking her to the vet and confirming she was healthy, I decided to keep her. I was happy for my other cat, Alignus, to have a playmate while I was away all day. She was incredibly cute, but I came to find, also incredibly stinky. When she’d use the litter box it stunk up my whole apartment. She was also rather clumsy for a cat, often falling off the edge of a couch she was attempting to walk along. I took her back to the vet to get her checked for the parasites and such, and was told nothing was wrong with her. “Great,” I thought, “I’m just stuck with a smelly cat.”

A short time later, I was petting her as she sat on my lap, and my hands noticed a part of her lower back that stuck out and felt hard. Having been in chiropractic school at the time, I scanned along her entire back and confirmed that this spot was in the spine, but did not feel like the rest of it. With my thumb and index finger, I began “springing” the stuck joint and gave it a quick, little impulse. To my surprise, I actually felt a click! A cat adjustment! What shocked me even more was that from that day on, when she would use the litter box, she no longer stunk up the place. It felt like a miracle. Amazingly, her clumsiness also improved, and she began moving in more graceful, catlike ways. I had learned by theory and case studies that spine adjustments can improve visceral function, like digestion, but this was such a clear occurrence of this phenomenon.

When the spine is stuck in certain areas, various body functions can improve with an adjustment. Now that I'm in practice, I see this occur often, and in humans. Following adjustments, patients have reported things such as better sleep quality, cleared sinuses, resolved ear ringing, easier breathing, increased athletic performance and certainly improved digestion. If you do try chiropractic to help your digestive function, know that it may take a few adjustments to see significant changes. Most fully-grown adults have many more layers of stress and dysfunction than a happy, young kitten.