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What's In That?

A Musical Health Talk

Current times have been crazy, and the news has been crazier....

With most of the media talking about protests and the pandemic, I was hesitant to share my newest song and music video, which is about neither. A part of me felt it wasn’t the right time to share something lighthearted and comical, and another part didn’t want any misdirected anger toward me for “talking smack” about some peoples’ favorite snack foods. Yet I’m reminded of the quote, “you can’t please everyone. You’re not a Nutella jar.” While this made me laugh, it is also quite relevant to the song I am now releasing, called “What’s In That?” The message of the song is to consider the contents of the food (or food-like products) we eat and to educate about what we generally want to avoid (if our goal is a long life with great health).

Taking the Nutella example, the first ingredient in the chocolate spread is sugar. No wonder it’s so addicting and delicious! A serving size of 2 TBSP contains 21 grams of sugar, which is just about the daily maximum recommended by the American Heart Association. And who stops at 2 TBSPs? Excess sugar consumption has been associated with many chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Heart Disease, and you can see how easy it is to overdo it.

My point here is not to demonize food, but to encourage people to cherish their health and think more deeply about what they eat and how it affects them, their family and the world at large. During these uncertain times, one thing that is in our control is what we put into our bodies and the direction of our health. With that, it is my hope that you enjoy this song, learn something useful and start asking, “what’s in that?”