• Bringing the Brightside to Health

    Aligning Easton & NYC

  • Hi, I'm Dr. Mackenzie Sara.

    Chiropractor. Artist/Singer/Songwriter. Yogi. Eternal optimist.


    At 20 years old, towards the end of art school, I discovered the life-changing power of chiropractic, nutrition & mindfulness.

    Since then, my mission has been to share the message of holistic, natural living for a happier, healthier world.


    Silver Aligning is my endeavor to heal bodies and minds through creative education and hands-on work. It is designed to be a source of positivity, deeply rooted in reality, backed by science.

  • How It Works

    A Body|Mind Approach



    From your physical structure

    & habits to what you eat and how you breathe, I'll assess 4 main areas & adjust the imbalances.



    NeuroEmotional Technique helps identify & eliminate "stuck" emotions. This is combined with coaching in 4 key mind matters.



    It IS possible!

    With a Body|Mind approach, you'll be on course in your journey to inner & outer peace.

  • Curious about what an adjustment looks like?

    Check out Dr. Mackenzie's chiropractic song, "Got Your Back."

    For more health songs & videos, check out:

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