• Aligning On-Site

    Bringing "the Bright side" wherever you are

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    Music Venues for Musicians and Staff

    All great musicians can use a tune up!

    As a singer and musician, Dr. Mackenzie loves providing bodywork services to musicians during performances and events. Playing an instrument often requires repetitive movements in asymmetrical positions that create tension build-up in the body. Over time, this can inhibit their ability to play at the level they have worked so hard to achieve. Periodic adjustments and myofascial work can prevent this from occurring. For assistance during events, Dr. Mackenzie can bring her portable chiropractic table and provide care on-site.

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    Workplace and Community Center Workshops

    Dr. Mackenzie offers free 1 hour workshops where she educates groups on how they can live in greater alignment with health & vitality.

    During this interactive class, she'll cover the various factors that contribute to body|mind wellness and provide resources to support participants.

    As an upgrade, for $30/person, she also offers individual consultations & on-site adjustments to participants following the workshop.

    Any questions or need guidance? Feel free to reach out!