• Pediatric Chiropractic

    Gentle alignments for all ages and sizes

    "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure."

    - Benjamin Franklin

    Starting early is the best way ensure a child grows up healthy.

    Many people may wonder why a baby or young child would see a chiropractor. Children experience alignment issues just like adults. This can begin as early as birth, since the birthing process can sometimes be very stressful on a baby's delicate body structure. Other sources can be learning to walk and falling down frequently or "roughhousing" with siblings. As children get older, their spines can get stuck or stiff with too much looking down at books/ computers/phones or carrying heavy backpacks. While bigger kids can let a parent know if they're experiencing discomfort, babies and toddlers will express themselves with frequent crying or crankiness. Parents may also notice if their baby always has their head tilted or turned to one direction (torticollis) or if crawling looks asymmetrical. Another indicator can be colic, or frequent digestive discomfort. When the child gets adjusted and the nervous system is given a clear pathway to all of the organs it innervates, these symptoms will often quickly subside.


    Adjusting a baby or toddler looks very different than adjusting an older kid or adult. There are no fast movements or loud cracks and pops. Because a baby's structure is much less solidified than an adult's, all is takes is a gentle pressure to get everything moving and in the right place. The pressure can be compared to how hard you would press to check if a tomato is ripe.


    If you have any other questions on pediatric chiropractic, please feel free to reach out on the contact page.

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